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***This creature is posable but not fixable, it cannot stand on feet.

Head and feet are made of airdry clay, fur and suede are faux. Body's fabric is cotton. Wings have a wire within (but it's better not to bend it a lot, as you know, every wire has its limit of bendings...)
Its size in centimetres (height/width/length): 12.5 x 6.5 x 5

Please note colors may be a bit different in real life due to different computer monitors.
It is not a toy for children and needs delicate handling.
As a handmade work it may have some imperfections. Thank You for understanding.
These tiny purple bats appear in late spring in the thickets of lilac when it starts blooming. All day long they sleep in the shadows of the leafage giving a soft yawn from time to time and spreading their wings out when it's too hot. When the sun goes down they wake up and have a dozen of lilac buds full of bittersweet nectar for breakfast. Then a purple cloud flies up to the night sky and the air fills with their happy squeals. Their noise frighten most of minor malicious spirits away that is why people living near their bushes usually have a bit less of everyday harm. When the last lilac flowers fade away, the bats leave their place of living and flying away in search for any abandoned building, cave or cavern to go into hibernation until the next spring comes.
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