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***This creature is posable and a bit fixable, it cannot stand on feet.

Head, arms and feet are made of airdry clay, eyes are glass, fur is faux. Body's fabric is cotton. 
Its size in centimetres (height/width/length): 13 x 6.5 x 5.5

Please note colors may be a bit different in real life due to different computer monitors.
It is not a toy for children and needs delicate handling.
As a handmade work it may have some imperfections. Thank You for understanding.

In the far far North in the heart of Arctic a strange lonely city can be found. If you ever got inside it you would meet noone but polar foxes. It is hard to believe but everything here they have made of snow. Long ago a few polar fox families decided to unite their powers and live together. These small fluffy creatures have been working together through ages, digging deep tunnels and burrows, sculpting squatty buildings to hide tunnel enterances and to defend them from snowdrifts, and raising high walls around the city. To make their works more solid they breathe on every new layer of snow, then carefully press it with their paws so that melted snow would turn into ice. Nowadays there are thousands of tunnels, galleries and caves underground, being used for different purposes. A few nurseries for younglings, classrooms for teaching such disciplines as survival, snow building, hunting, handling of food and so on, pantries, kitchens, restrooms and many other places could be found there if only you were able to walk through this wonderful city's enterances and tunnels. However if you speak Foxish, you can ask this guy any question about the city, polar foxes are so proud of it and talk about it with pleasure.
There are no moulds for any of my creatures, every one is absolutely unique and cannot be duplicated.

My instagram www.instagram.com/sweet_sign/
My creations can also find here: http://sweetsign.deviantart.com/gallery/

Please remember:

* These creatures and their stories are totally imagined and created by me, please don't use my idea.
* It's NOT a TOY
* It's afraid of water, straight sunlight, animal teeth and claws, children's curiosity
* Do not ever fall it down! It has very fragile parts that can be broken easily.
* Do not keep in dusty places.
* The best option for display and safe keeping is on a shelf behind glass.
* If you want to clear it, use DRY SOFT brush only.
** Do not try to apply any phisical effort when you change its pose, you can make it hurt (or break it). Be gentle =)
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