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***This creature is posable and a bit fixable, it can stand on feet.

Head, arms and feet are made of airdry clay, eyes are glass, fur is faux. Body's fabric is cotton. 
Its size in centimetres (height/width/length): 12 x 7.5 x 6

Please note colors may be a bit different in real life due to different computer monitors.
It is not a toy for children and needs delicate handling.
As a handmade work it may have some imperfections. Thank You for understanding.


The duckling has been handraised by an old good-hearted farmer and has never seen anyone of his kind. There are no other birds on the farm except for some crows and rooks stealing wheat from a barn. Only horses, a donkey, a few cows and a cute fuzzy puppy live here. This babe believes he is a piece of the Sun fallen from the Sky, that is why he is so warm and yellow. When it's cloudy and no Sun can be seen above, he feels like he has a very important mission and it isn't dark just because of him so he is walking here and there pompously and bristling his fur and feathers like they are sunrays and it can make a bit more light. Every morning after awakening he makes haste to say hello to his "parent" and if the weather is clear he greets the rising Sun fluttering his wings.

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